Everybody agrees communication is important however few people actually put this on top of their priorities…if it is important, just do it….or is it too simplistic?

A CYBER SECURITY COMMUNICATION KIT has been developed in Dutch and French, NO COST.

It contains:

– Road-book (project plan)

– A teaser e-mail for both your director, managers and employees

– A power point presentation

– Poster / screensaver / vector files so that your can adapt the material to your company / organisation


Centre for cyber security Cyber security coalition

 Having no time to communicate about cybersecurity will become more and more difficult to be used as an excuse IMHO.

Cyber Security KIT was developed by the Cyber Security Coalition and the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium. Job well done for all involved people!

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Just a perfect 3D printing, 3D designing, 3D playing day.

A combination of software (Windows, or via browser), hardware and services that work together if you want to enter the 3D Printing or designing arena. There are a lot of solutions out there, this is not exhaustive at all but all are (rather) easy to use (except the do it yourself 3D printer), and free or cheap.

3D design software

After having played with several 3D design tools… free, very easy to use, performant, good for beginners (like me)…You want to


Need a 3D printing Service: is a Dutch based company, possibility to look for a 3D printing facility in your neighbourhood, immediate quote, good platform different types of printing materials, many 3D printer…they tend to stalk you with e-mail, you will get one for each phase of the process, really for each phase and afterwards a thank you message and another one and an other one…be aggressive in you mailing options.

Want to surprise your family or business relations with an original do it yourself 3D puzzle? Converts a 3 model into 2D wooden, or carboard or whatever you want. It is really great and fast.

Artistic 3D easy modelling, sculpting tool?

Try , it is really fun to use.

A DIY 3D printer, some (a lot of) spare time?

As a proof of concept hare a Hongkong based DIY 3D printing kit, cheap and rather acceptable quality. Result after 12+ hours of “playing” (printing took me longer)…but it works.

Own Build 3D printer from Jean-Luc Peeters

3D Printer Jean-Luc Peeters idea behind it was to develop a repair shop for legacy items…that idea will probably remain one however finally the printer worked.

My initial idea was creating a 3D repairshop for legacy  spareparts…no real business case, just an idea, a lot of time spend, some fun.
It’s based on an opensource design: Reprap Mendel Prusa 3i bought from , price is good (around 400 USD including import tax), basic building instructions , quality acceptable. Several enhancements have been made on this printer however it is not designed for the absolute beginner, some basic computer knowledge and mounting skills are  needed, and a lot of time.

The Autobed levelling (Z axis), while on paper looks promising and helpful, in practice, I don’t know why, it didn’t work well and I switched back to manual levelling mode (with a good slicing software this is really easy). Take a heated print bed, it makes the designs stick better.

Use masking tape for the bed so that the models stick on it and adapt the speed of the printer (in Mattercontrol) to a maximum of 50mm/sec for this printer.


3D Slicing (printing) software: :  from Rather easy to use and a good software based bed levelling option to avoid to have to play with tenths of millimetre hights.

You want to transform your company logo or a JPG, PNG, PDF in a 3D format?

Convert it to Black and white, you could use the free online picture editing software like

Convert your jpeg or other format of image into a 3D readable format (.STL, OBJ or SVG) supported by Tinkercad using

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Is IT providing the right solutions? Do we have our stakeholders on board….

Still too often an IT department

– think they know what the customer wants…

– deliver a solution barely used,  with a weak business case

A provocative advertisement from DS Wallonie…

Quote “Have you the (document management) tools you really need?”



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GROW model…coaching for performance, questioning technique.

Recently I participated in a training on coaching for performance.

A technique was taught called GROW. By applying this technique it is possible to bring your coachee himself to the solution just by using questioning techniques….interesting

1 – GOAL:

– what outcome would you like from this session?
– what is your challenge?
– how will you know you have achieved this challenge?
– what would you like to do differently?


– what is happening at the moment?
– when does it happen
– what effect does this have?
– what who else is relevant?
– what did you tired so far?


– what could you do to change the situation?
– what alternatives are there to this approach?
– what else? what else?
– who might help you?
– which option do you like best?

4 – WILL DO:

– what are your next steps? and when?
– how will you know you’ve succeeded?
– what might get in the way?
– how will you get it?

An interesting exercise was to split all participants in 2 groups. The first group formed an inner circle and the others the outer circle facing each other. The outer circle had to think about a problem/ situation they wanted to get solved but could not share this with the inner ones.

The inner circle had to question using the Goal type of questions, after 5 minutes the outer circle moved to the other person and the inner circle questioned using the Reality ones and so on. Bottom line the outer circle people came by their own to a solution without the help (except questions) of the interviewers. Great….

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The Phoenix Project. Must read business novel for IT Managers, CIO’s, supervisors let’s say just all IT people.

I was very surprised when a team member (thanks Stefan) said to me that there was a good book called “The Phoenix project” (ISBN 978-0-9882625) about IT, devops and he asked me to spare some time to read it.

The book, written as a business novel, has a style very similar to the business novels I really enjoyed from Eliyahu Goldratt “The Goal”, “Critical Chain”, “It’s not luck”.

The Phoenix Project - Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford

What makes this book even better, and a must read for IT Managers, CIO’s is that it addresses the classical problems of IT department like overdue IT projects, difficult interfacing between dev. and ops, increasing pressure, Murphy’s law of failures. It embeds traditional IT best practices (Change, release…) into flow management  with at the end several devops principles.

Of course putting al this in practice requires some huge change management, nevertheless it is certainly a very good starting point in IT transformation.

Here-under the link:


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